Susan D’Arcy Photography in 2007

  • The school holidays are finally coming to a close! This year I have my middle daughter starting Prep, she is very excited (and if I’m honest so am I 🙂 ) My eldest daughter is going into grade 3 (still feels weird saying that, I remember bringing her home from the hospital like it was yesterday) and my youngest son who is now almost 3, will be starting at our newly opened local child care centre! This is very exciting for me, as it means I will be able to take on more clients which in turn works out well for yourselves and your friends.
  • Past clients need to keep an eye on their post boxes as they will all have some cards/packages arriving in the coming weeks!
  • Other exciting news is I am travelling to Queensland/ Brisbane later in the year and will be offering a few days for photo sessions. It will be in October and will be in the week of 8th – 12th october. Exact dates/times are still be confirmed but keep your eye on my blog as more info will be posted soon.
  • I will be down the Penninsula again this coming April and will have availabilty for 2 sessions Email me to register your interest / book your session..

The first month of offering this wonderful opportunity to those you feel are in need, is almost up! Send through anyone who you feel deserves a session                

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