Custom Photography

What I offer is known as ‘Custom Photography’

It is quite different to that of chains like Pixi, Portrait Place and the like.

Hence this timely reference to

Custom Child Photography

*click the link above*

I want thank Marianne Drenthe of Marmalde Photography

for putting that wonderful information together for all of our clients.

I think it defines a lot more clearly than I can convey, the difference between what it is I offer, the service and time I spend with clients and editing their images and my decisions to charge what it is I do (maybe I am too cheap Pixi charge $105 MORE than me for 16×20!! eek! )

Ofcourse I can’t post without adding something from some recent sessions!

What a little darling this boy was! I had the greatest time at their place, really enjoyed meeting both him and his mum and dad (we had a lovely chat and cuppa!)



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My super boy

My son is the youngest child, he has 2 older sisters and is as BOY as they come.

His favourite place to play is at the next door neighbours house. They have 3 boys close in age to him and they get along fabulously. Add to that a dad next door who restores old cars and rides a harley, next door is little boy heaven in my sons eyes!

After a recent play next door my son came home in a borrowed super man outfit. He wore it EVERY day there after for 5 days in a row until I snuck it away while he was sleeping one night and it is now washed, folded and of course hidden, waiting to be safely returned (anyone know where to buy these????) So obviously I had to capture him the outfit before it got returned.

Here he is having yet another play at Myuna farm (told you we love the place!)

My ‘Super Boy’


and some other images from the farm:

My gorgeous niece becoming all grown up!


any one for a face mask??


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I’ve been tagged

I’ve been tagged by Simone

Which is good as again I have been a super slack blogger! I must get back in and post more often, there are so many more images I could be sharing!

I’ll be updating my galleries on my site soon to add images from recent sessions that I love also so if you’ve had a session so far this year, keep your eyes out!

3 Random things:

1- I’m a night owl. I’ve never done mornings well. Having kids has forced that to change a bit. When my first started school I dreaded the thought of having to have us all up and ready and out the door on time. I still prefer evenings but do mornings better than I used to.

2- I’ve never really liked people in costume/uniform. As a child santa and clowns and the like all frightened me, as an adult I just feel a little unease when around these things. Its understandable that my children have never had a clown at their birthday parties and we don’t have a santa photo from each year either.

3- I can’t hold a tune to save my life. really, I think I must have the worst voice in the whole of melbourne, possibly Australia. thankfully my children don’t mind and allow me to sing loudly as we drive in the car.

and I then tag Sydney photographer Chantelle from Forever Bliss

Lately I have had a few pregnancy clients which i always love. Maternity photography would come close to my fav type! This is a wonderful location found just near my house too which is great as I think I’ll need to head back with my children there for more photos!

Meet the very beautiful Ellen, 36 weeks pregnant with hr first baby and as radiant as can be.



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