My super boy

My son is the youngest child, he has 2 older sisters and is as BOY as they come.

His favourite place to play is at the next door neighbours house. They have 3 boys close in age to him and they get along fabulously. Add to that a dad next door who restores old cars and rides a harley, next door is little boy heaven in my sons eyes!

After a recent play next door my son came home in a borrowed super man outfit. He wore it EVERY day there after for 5 days in a row until I snuck it away while he was sleeping one night and it is now washed, folded and of course hidden, waiting to be safely returned (anyone know where to buy these????) So obviously I had to capture him the outfit before it got returned.

Here he is having yet another play at Myuna farm (told you we love the place!)

My ‘Super Boy’


and some other images from the farm:

My gorgeous niece becoming all grown up!


any one for a face mask??


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22 thoughts on “My super boy”

  1. Super Boy – I love it! Did you find the outfit anywhere??? Love the wind-blown look in your niece’s hair too. And you know, come to think of it, I’ve heard good things about those mud masks too 😉 LOL

  2. Ah Susan, so many gorgeous images on here to comment on, but I just couldn’t go past this pig pic. Classic! Your super boy is pretty cute too I might add 🙂

  3. These are so awesome!! I am so glad you change your blog so I could comment without signing in……I LOVe the ones of your boy as superman, I have been back to look at them 3 times and they make me smile everytime!! Awesome shots.

  4. awsome superman shots! Miss Maddy (our 6yo) is obsessed with spiderman. We got her spiderman costume at big w or target for like $30. He looks adorable.

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