The importance of family portraits – at all ages and stages. (Melbourne)

When was the last time YOU had your portrait taken?

This is a question I almost always ask people when they ring to ask about my photography services. I ask this now of YOU. When did you last have your portrait taken? When was the last time you had portraits done with your children, no matter the age? Or with your parents – no matter the age?

For many people the answer comes as ‘never’ or ‘too long ago’ for some they like to update regularly, once a year, once every few years. Even those people usually haven’t had a portrait with their parents since they were children themselves though.

It’s no secret, I am a sentimentalist. It’s a big reason why I feel portraits are so valuable, so worthwhile. I treasure the photographs I own, the ones I have inherited and the ones I am still yet to take of all of those close to me.

5 years ago, when my mother became ill with cancer my first instinct was to ‘photograph’ her. I wanted to capture and ‘keep’ as much of her with me as I could. When my children were born and when I was pregnant with them, I made sure I had photographs of my pregnant round belly, of their first moments in life, of all of their milestones. When I get together with friends I love capturing them, their families, our experiences and moments together.

my only small regret was not getting a ‘good’ photograph of our ‘grownup’ family family before mum passed away. I want a photo of ‘me and mum’ and I don’t have one.

I love when I get to photograph older families, couples, older siblings. It always makes me smile. Unfortunatly not enough people do it, myself included.

So ask yourself, your parents, their parents…. when did you last have your portraits captured?

The gorgeous women who inspired me to post this:

2 sisters and their mum. I just adore this first image and am sure they will also for many years to come and their children will enjoy it for generations to come too…




13 thoughts on “The importance of family portraits – at all ages and stages. (Melbourne)”

  1. Hi Susan,

    I know mum will love the photos that my sister and I have chosen for her. The photography session that we had with you was lots of fun and I am so pleased with the results.
    Thank you for your expertise, patience and managing to make me in particular look O.K. The photo of my sister and I with mum at this seat is also my favourite.

  2. So true. I have only one photo of my parents with my sister and I – just one – and it is a photo taken on my camera in poor light when I was about 16. It makes me so sad when I scrapbook family history to see the holes left where the photos never taken should be.

    As mothers, we are quick to put our children in front of the lens but reluctant to put ourselves in the picture. I am as guilty as any on this – I really don’t like being photographed. But I know those are the photos my children and grandchildren will most want to see when I am no longer here – will they be content with all the family pet photos I have scrapbooked instead? LOL!

    Two Christmases ago, I gathered everyone at my husband’s family lunch and hassled them into place for photos. I took each family unit individually, the whole extended family and all the kids in a group. They all moaned and groaned, but loved the end result. I had to photoshop my son into the final group shot, as he moved after I set them up and there wasn’t anyone left behind the camera to see! But I got the photo: the parents, their three children, three children-in-law and nine grandchildren.

  3. Touche Susan….and I’m so guilty of all the above, terrible omission for a photographer to make. Xmas day I’m going to make sure I get some, you’ve inspired me 🙂
    The first photo in particular is so special, so full of life.

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