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Some of you may know about my recent hard drive crash.

On it I lost the newborn images of my sisters new baby Trinity Sinead. I was terribly upset by it but headed back (ok was going to go back anyway as, well, why wouldnt I take the opportunity to photograph a newborn if I can!) when she was just a few days old. I captured this which made me laugh. I had a very similar image on my hard drive that was taken on the day she was born.

It really makes me smile.


Canvas prints

After some deliberation, I recently added Canvas Art prints to my offerings.

I had my first orders delivered to me this week and I must say they look really fantastic! Both images were really great choices for a canvas print. Both different and both came out so wonderful.

I had to take some photos for myself as I have not yet had one done for myself (wanting a perfect image of my own children all together, not an easy task!!) so will use the images for now as samples.

gallery wrap

colour edging