I go through spurts of photographing my kids a lot, to not really photographing them at all.

Today we were out for a walk, had my camera with me and had the girls so had a play. You’d think photographing your own kids is pretty easy, and yes I agree sometimes it is, but sometimes, they pull duck faces, those super cheesy grins and as mine did today, throw tantrums because you won’t pass the camera to them to photograph you in return!

All wasn’t lost though, I managed to grab these of the girls which I quite liked


The new teeth have finally grown through, the smile is quite natural, which is hard to capture wiht her. I think she is gorgeous ofcourse 🙂


Miss Jaime, the middle child.

and my youngest little tear away… master Liam. I got a lot of photos of the back of his head today, his tongue poking out, running fast between my legs, running in the opposite direction!! Thankfuly I got some when he stood still for a millisecond! Ofcourse there is the car that is permanently attached.



Some of you may know about my recent hard drive crash.

On it I lost the newborn images of my sisters new baby Trinity Sinead. I was terribly upset by it but headed back (ok was going to go back anyway as, well, why wouldnt I take the opportunity to photograph a newborn if I can!) when she was just a few days old. I captured this which made me laugh. I had a very similar image on my hard drive that was taken on the day she was born.

It really makes me smile.


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